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Innovating the way wax is used in engineered wood products, SmartWaxSys uses a patent-protected wax suspension technology saving customers raw material cost, enhancing quality and control while creating a greener product.


Walker SmartWaxSys

Innovating the way wax is used in engineered wood manufacturing.

  • Less raw material. The SmartWaxSys allows manufacturers to use less wax through a patented suspension technology creating a significant reduction in cost.
  • Sustainable solution. Less wax usage supports environmental sustainability.
  • Reduction in transportation cost. By removing water from emulsified wax, shipping costs are significantly reduced.
  • Less trucks on the road leads to a smaller carbon footprint. By removing water from transport, fewer shipments are required resulting in lower vehicle emissions.
  • Enhanced quality and control. Optimized ratio of water to wax is dialed in at the manufacturing facility for highest efficiency.
  • On site monitoring provides visibility to manufacturing process and real-time performance indicators helping to minimize deficiencies.
  • Adaptable and streamlined install, operation and maintenance. Installation and startup is performed with minimal disruption to the production line.
  • Proven innovation. The SmartWaxSys technology is being used by customers worldwide.