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Speed Cleaner

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Speed Cleaner is a superior, all-purpose spray cleaner for use in industrial and commercial establishments. It is a non-flammable liquid detergent that removes dirt, wax, oil, grease, soap scum, and ink quickly and easily.


All Purpose Spray Cleaner
Commercial Establishment Cleaning
Industrial Equipment/Machinery
Industrial Kitchen Non-Food Surfaces


  • Safely cleans grease from industrial equipment and machinery
  • Degreaser for metals before magnafluxing
  • Excellent for use in industrial kitchen for all surfaces, ventilating and air filtering systems, linoleum, asphalt tile, and terrazzo floors
  • Concentrated formula


  • 1 x 6 gallon jugs
  • 5 gallon pails
  • 55 gallon drums
  • 275 gallon recyclable totes

Custom formulated and blended ready-to-use janitorial products including cleaners for floor, equipment and machinery, all-purpose surface cleaners and degreasers, and soaps for steam cleaning machines.

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