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A proprietary bio-based emulsion blended using naturally occurring triglycerides as an alternative to petroleum products. This product can be applied the same way as traditional paraffin wax based emulsions as an efficient sizing agent suitable for various applications, such as the manufacturing of wood composites and structural boards. Designed with small particle size distribution, and proprietary formulation, Enviroblend® emulsions provide a better distribution of the water repealing particles and consequently an improved efficiency.

Bio-Based Formula Available


Insulating Board
Medium Density Fiber Board
Oriented Strand Board
Particle Board


  • Controls water absorption and thickness swell
  • Bio-based/renewable/readily available
  • Triglycerides contain no harmful chemicals
  • Formulated for direct application with no dilution required


  • 55 Gallon drums
  • 275 Gallon tote bins
  • Bulk tanker truck

Walker supplies the composite wood industry with a variety of petroleum and non-petroleum wax emulsions that are specially formulated to provide moisture resistance and dimensional stability to particle board, MDF, OBS, wet process fiberboard, LVL and Glulam boards.

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