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Edgeseal is an efficient water-based sealant and coating for edges of Oriented Strand Board (OSB), solid wood substrates and laminated beams to reduce water absorption and edge thickness swell in moist environments. Custom colours and high viscosity options available.


Laminated Beams
Lumber End/Edge Seal
Oriented Strand Board Panels
Solid Wood Substrates
Tongue-and-Groove Products


  • Reduces water absorption for OSB
  • Controls edge thickness swell in products such as tongue-and-groove products
  • Dilution of product not required
  • Compatible with many different air spray systems, spray guns, and nozzle assemblies


  • 55 gallon drums
  • 275 gallon totes

Walker Emulsions provides expertise in developing coatings for OSB panels, lumber edges/ends, dimensional lumber, tongue and groove products, solid wood, timber, laminated beams, engineered wood substrates and composite wood/board products.

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