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Clear LVL Sealer

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A premium water-based coating developed to impart moisture and vapor resistance to solid wood substrates as well as composite board products, OSB, and laminated beams. When applied to panel edges, the product will effectively reduce water absorption and edge thickness swell in moist environments. It provides short term protection from the manufacture point to the installation point.

Available in custom colours.


Composite Board Products
Composite Wood Products
Laminated Beams
Oriented Strand Board
Wood Products


  • Combines the toughness and elastomeric qualities of acrylic latex with the water-shedding abilities of our proprietary wax blend to provide a superior moisture barrier
  • Exhibits high stability, pumpability and storage characteristics
  • Low application cost - specially formulated to economically optimize sealing characteristics, thereby affording outstanding cost/performance benefits
  • Eliminates worries about dry times - substrate can be wet-stacked within minutes after application
  • Ready-to-use; no pre-treatment required
  • Product can be applied by conventional spray, brush or roller
  • This product is not considered a hazardous waste under current RCRA regulations
  • Does not contain, nor is it manufactured using ozone-depleting substances as listed under Section 611 of the Clean Air Act


  • 5 gallon pails
  • 55 gallon drums
  • 275 gallon totes

Walker Emulsions provides expertise in developing coatings for OSB panels, lumber edges/ends, dimensional lumber, tongue and groove products, solid wood, timber, laminated beams, engineered wood substrates and composite wood/board products.

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