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Clear Grinding Fluid

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A completely synthetic metalworking fluid designed for high speed grinding without added colorant. This fluid is safe for ferrous metals. Clear Grinding Fluid has also proven particularly effective in the grinding of ceramics.


Ceramic Grinding
Metal Grinding


  • No yellow dye added as a preference for user
  • Promotes swarf settling, tramp oil separation, and extended wheel life
  • In diluted form is a clear amber liquid that maintains resistance to foaming
  • Formulated for long-term clean running with reduced misting
  • Does not contain nitrates, phenolic compounds, sulfur, or mineral oils
  • Designed with long-lasting microbiological protection without the use of formaldehyde


  • 5 gallon pails
  • 55 gallon drums
  • 275 gallon recyclable totes

Walker produces a precision line of lubricants, coolants, grinding and cutting oils for metal, glass, ceramics and heavy duty machining operations.

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