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CL-Free Machining Fluid

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CL-Free Machining Fluid is a light-colored, chlorine free, extra heavy duty straight oil base fluid designed for the most severe operations on stainless steel, ferrous alloys, and all difficult-to-machine metals. CL- Free Machining Fluid contains a blend of premium extreme pressure and lubricity additives carried in a high quality HVI base oil. A calcium sulfonate extreme pressure additive is synergistic with an active sulfur to provide outstanding performance.


Rust and Oxidization Prevention


  • Our most functional additive package for straight oil fluid
  • Performs as an effective rust/corrosion inhibitor
  • Contains phosphorous anti-wear additives to lengthen tool life
  • Fatty lubricity additives insure a smooth surface finish
  • Low odor, good visibility, long shelf life


  • 5 gallon pails
  • 55 gallon drums
  • 275 gallon recyclable totes

Walker formulates oil, water and solvent based corrosion inhibitors to prevent rust and oxidation in circulating water systems and metal storage.

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