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Citra-Fresh Waterless Hand Cleaner with Grit

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Citra-Fresh with grit is a powerful hand cleaner with additional cleaning power. It is totally natural, biodegradable, and eco-friendly – no harmful chemicals yet more powerful than ordinary soap. Cleans hands instantly anywhere and works with or without water.


Hand Washing


  • No water necessary for effective cleaning, however will rinse freely with hot or cold water
  • Dissolves grease, carbon, ink, tar and asphalt that ordinary hand cleaners cannot reach
  • Available with grit for heavy-duty dirt
  • Economical - only a small amount is needed to do the job
  • Safe - uses only natural solvents, cosmetic solvents and food grade oils
  • Natural citrus fragrance leaves hands smelling fresh


  • 1 x 6 gallon jug with pump

Water based alkaline or soap cleaners customized to handle tough grime. Walker Emulsions produces cleaners and degreasers formulated to clean hands, industrial equipment, machines, shop floors, and blower systems.

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