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Emulsified Asphalt SS-1

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SS-1 is an anionic slow setting asphalt emulsion primarily used as a tack coat - typically providing that "glue" to bond an existing base pavement layer to a newly applied layer. Ensuring emulsion sets before new layer is placed facilitates good bonding to prevent slippage which is crucial for the structural performance of the final pavement. SS-1 dilutes well with water to provide lower residue as required by provincial and municipal agencies. SS-1 can also be used appropriately where coating, bonding and waterproofing may be required.


Asphalt Surface
Surface Treatment


  • The slow setting nature provides ample time for the emulsion to cure and provide the crucial bonding surface
  • Lower residue complies with provincial and municipal requirements
  • Meets OPSS 1103, table 1 specification


  • 55 gallon drums
  • Bulk tank trucks

Walker’s asphalt emulsions support the road construction industry with high performance tack coats, surface treatments, cold mix recycled surfaces and stress absorbing membranes. Formulated to meet strict ministry standards.

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